Shenzhen Visa On Arrival

Shenzhen is located in Guangdong, China and it is neighboring Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong has a separate government, there is a border dividing Hong Kong and Shenzhen. All foreign visitor traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen will need to present their passports with a valid Entry Visa. If you are planning to visit Shenzhen via Hong Kong, you should first apply for a Chinese Visa before your trip. This will save you a lot of time and bother trying to get your visa after arriving in Hong Kong.

Short term 5 days visas for Shenzhen are issued for tourism purposes only. Continue Reading the article to learn Additional Infomation and details offered in our previous article on business visas, as well as give answers to the following questions.

The Type visa we are dealing with here is the ‘5-Day Shenzhen Visa’. Remember the visa is for 5 days, do not overstay your visa otherwise, you may be fined or even worse. You can Browse this thread for more content.

You may require a full visa for travel to China, even as a tourist. Short term visas (issued on arrival) are available for some short visits. If you require a standard visa, you must obtain this visa prior to travel.

No particular problems exist for travelers entering Shenzhen. Chinese immigration officers are strict and highly bureaucratic, but not overly interfering. The basic requirements are a passport that’s valid for travel for six months after the expiry date of your visa, and a visa. Travelers arriving in Shenzhen will receive a health declaration form and an arrivals form to complete.